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Garden and Home Care Tips

Treat Your Yard for Weeds in the Fall

Everyone always thinks about pulling up pesky weeds in the spring.  However, to keep them under control, it's important to treat your yard for weeds before the winter comes to minimize weed growth when the seasons change.


Mulch keeps weeds under control but it also gives your yard a nice fresh look.  Many towns provide free mulch which is made up of wood chips, but high-quality mulch comes with dye that adds a higher-end look. Dyed mulch comes in black, brown and our favorite, red.

Poison Ivy, Poison Oak and Poison Sumac

Poison Ivy can be painfully itchy and can wreak havoc on your plants and trees.  It can be eradicated with a mixture of salt and dish soap , but always wear protective clothing when doing so.



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