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Wesley grew up working on his grandfather's farm and was riding a lawn mower long before he had his driver's license. 


After high school he joined the United States Marine Corps. where he served for seven years.  After returning and working as for many years, he was ready to take the skills and knowledge he learned and start Got A Guy NJ, LLC with his business and life partner, Jessica.


Jessica, a longtime entrepreneur and life-long learner jumped at the chance to create a new business in Somerset, NJ (Franklin Township) where they recently moved.  With a background in marketing, landscape design was a natural fit.


Wes and Jess know that it's not always easy to find reliable and professional help for lawn care or someone to help fix minor things around the house.  They knew they could help and wanted to create a business that people would trust.  Working in people's homes in very personal and that's why we treat every project like we are working on our own home.


We know that referral are the way business are built and after you work with us, when someone asks if you know someone who can mow a lawn or power wash a driveway, we want you to always say..."I Got A Guy."


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