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Which Weather App is Accurate

It's February and the weather has been playing games with us for a few weeks now. Will it snow? Won't it snow? Why can't I wing my job just like the weatherman does?

At Got A Guy, we use several apps to keep an eye on the weather to figure out if it we will need to plow snow or if we should get ready to plant some grass.

Sometimes seeing is believing which is why we like NOAA Radar Pro which lets us follow the storm and see it right on the radar.

If we are in the mood to trust a forecast, Dark Sky is our go-to. In addition to being more accurate than most, it has fun features like Time Machine which allows you to see the weather from a past date. It allows users to report the weather so if you look outside and see snow, you can report it for hyperlocal forecasts.

Weather Bug offers features like the Lightning map which is great for summer swims and general safety.

And just in case we still aren't sure what's going to happen, we also use Accuweather. This one adds information on the allergy index so you know whether or not you need to pack some tissues for the day. We probably don't have to worry too much about this now, but in a month or two it will be useful when the trees start to bloom.

The best way we have found to track the weather is just to look out the window. We will be keeping a close eye on the weather in Franklin Township and we are ready for snow plowing when the storm hits.

If you need a reliable company to dig you out of the snow, rest assured that you now Got A Guy for snow plowing and for lawn care in the spring.

Stay warm, Somerset!

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