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Spruce Up Your Home Before Spring

The holidays are over and it's still chilly outside. You've taken down the decorations and are anxious to add a little flare to your home.

Here are some tips for giving your home a facelift without breaking the budget:

Add a fresh coat of paint. A little pop of color can be just the change you need. Valspar's 2019 colors are bright and cheery and can make a dull room look new again.

Repair the little things. We all have that list of items in our house that can use a little TLC. Whether it's a doorbell that stopped working or some squeaky stairs that have been driving you crazy, fixing things that are broken is a great way to feel good about your home.

Upgrade your bathroom. Adding a new faucet or hanging a cabinet to get rid of the clutter can make your bathroom feel like new. Sometimes all we need to do is replace some grout or recaulk the tub to feel like a day at the spa.

New lighting fixtures. Add a little bling to a chandelier or go for a cleaner look by installing recessed lights.

Hang a mirror. Replacing a mirror in your bathroom or hanging one above the sofa can open up the room and give you an upscale look without any construction.

If you are looking for help with minor home renovations or just need a handyman to help with the little stuff, you Got A Guy. Give us a call at 908-505-8077 or

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